About Earthly Treasures & Terri

How It All Began...

It all started when I saw a bead and it sparkled..and I couldn't help but go to the light...LOL

No really I started making and selling jewelry when I was in Jr High. In High School I only made jewelry for myself and a few good friends. Jewelry gave way to my first "real" job, (at a pizza parlor) and to school activities, student government, drama, yearbook and of course boys! I got back into making jewelry many years later when I was the leader for my daughters' Girl Scout troops. I co-lead two troops! Did you know that you can earn badges making jewelry?!? How fun! Well, that was all it took for me to be addicted once again to beautiful stones and colorful glass. I started making myself jewelry to match my clothes and friends wanted to buy them. They talked me into selling at a church Christmas Bazaar. The rest is history. I still attend several local Spring, Fall and Christmas bazaars here in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy meeting the women who wear my jewelry.

About My Jewelry

It is all handmade and I try to be original. Rarely are two pieces alike. Most pieces are and always will be "One of a Kind". There are a few items that I do repeat like the Wedding Bracelet, and there are also some earring patterns that I will repeat. I use real gems & semiprecious stones. I use only Sterling Silver, never plated. In many pieces there are original lampwork beads from local artists.

Custom orders are welcome!

The 'Just for Fun' product line is functional and fun made of metal and glass beads. Tea Infusers, Zipper Pulls, Bookmarks, Keychains, ID holders, Cell Phone Charms, Eyeglass chains, and also Bracelets, Earrings & a few Necklaces. They are not Sterling or gold, just metal and they can be customized to your personality.

I also "re-do" your old favorites, or your grandmother's crystal necklaces to give them a modern flair.  Or to just repair and keep the original design.  I have redone many old heirlooms for a new day!

One of a Kind, Handmade Jewelry Just for You!